Thursday, June 1, 2017

Feathering Your Nest

Stores opening, stores closing.  Retail is definitely fluid and who is hot today, next week is a nobody.  Some stores cause a buzz when they open; others quietly open the door offering their wares in tasteful, intimate displays.  Some use social media to create that buzz, they take to Facebook, Twitter and Bloggers – with words and images they drive the public to their door and cash registers. Offering a carnival like atmosphere, shopping becomes an experience.

Known for their traffic driving, exciting, destination grand opening is IKEA and soon the Columbus IKEA will be opening. With IKEA’s opening a week away the news teams are previewing the store, law enforcement is preparing their traffic plan and area businesses are making plans for their employees to work at home. How crazy is that???

The economic impact of stores like IKEA opening in an area is admirable. They not only bring in construction jobs, retail jobs, warehouse jobs but area restaurants will feed off the destination shoppers that maybe don’t want a Swedish Meatball or say let’s check out Polaris while we are in the Columbus area. I think it’s safe to say Easton will get a small piece of the pie, being a destination shopping experience in it’s own right and with the updating and new stores it’s an easy trip down I71/270 to enjoy additional shopping and dinning. 

Whether you like all the new stores and growth in Columbus or not you definitely have to admit living in a growing thriving area does provide opportunity. You just have to look for your opportunity.  


Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Recently my husband and I were headed home and the usual traffic snarls had hit epic proportions! As we made our way slowly  toward Costco at Easton for gas the thought occurred to me why sit in the car lamenting all the things we could be doing while we inch our way home and not just do? After a quick fill up at the gas station I weaved my way through the parking lot and headed for Whole Foods Easton for a quick refreshing beer at their bar. While sitting there drinking a cool citrusy ale called Clown Feet we decided to eat and catch up on each other's day.

After a great dinner, a beer, relaxed conversation and a much better traffic outlook we headed home. What could have been a stress filled ride home turned out to be a great way for my husband and I to reconnect and enjoy each other's company. As I look around on my daily travels I have noticed how many places could become an oasis from stress. for future reference I will choose to find that oasis and just sit and watch the world go by.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Looking for a Spark of Creativity? #MYCMA

The Columbus Museum of Art

With winter upon us there are those days you seek  an outing. While you don’t necessarily want to spend the whole day away; a quick trip out is a welcome distraction. Recently I stopped  in the  Columbus Museum of Art. Sundays are free and there is plenty of parking.

The areas are organized by genre. With a well planned traffic flow it’s easy to move through the displays and plenty of room to linger. Each area has an interactive table for patrons to write down their thoughts, try their hand at drawing, etc. There even are Lego Pokemon   scattered throughout the museum. It’s like a Pokemon Go  type of activity, fun to see where these characters are placed. When you spot one snap a picture and post on Social Media with the tag #mycma - a great way to keep the kids engaged! A not to miss display for all ages, is the Lego exhibit.  This incredible cityscape  impressively  detailed will have you in awe as you spot stores, parks, buildings etc - I felt inspired by creativity!

During your visit don’t forget to stop in the café- Schokko Art Cafe we had a quick cold brew coffee and enjoyed the sun streaming in the wall of windows. The Columbus Musuem of Art is a jewel  offering many events, meeting places, special exhibits, a wonderful store and café  a not to miss place!

Closed Mondays
Sundays Free
Blue Star Program – Active Military and their families get in free

Free parking for café and Museum store patrons.