Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Recently my husband and I were headed home and the usual traffic snarls had hit epic proportions! As we made our way slowly  toward Costco at Easton for gas the thought occurred to me why sit in the car lamenting all the things we could be doing while we inch our way home and not just do? After a quick fill up at the gas station I weaved my way through the parking lot and headed for Whole Foods Easton for a quick refreshing beer at their bar. While sitting there drinking a cool citrusy ale called Clown Feet we decided to eat and catch up on each other's day.

After a great dinner, a beer, relaxed conversation and a much better traffic outlook we headed home. What could have been a stress filled ride home turned out to be a great way for my husband and I to reconnect and enjoy each other's company. As I look around on my daily travels I have noticed how many places could become an oasis from stress. for future reference I will choose to find that oasis and just sit and watch the world go by.