Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breakfast At Tiffany’s 

We got nothing in common, no common ground to start from………….”

Too often we forget that we all share the human condition. We seek out our differences and forget to embrace the things we share. What I love about this song is it reminds us to look for what we have in common. Finding common ground is a way for us to build or re-build a relationship. Relationships don’t always have to be friendship, romantic or working; they can be simply, mutual recognition and respect.

And I said, What about breakfast at Tiffany’s? She said “I think I remember the film. And as I recall, I think, we both kinda liked it ….”

Is it easier to find differences and harder to find common ground? What would it take to create a movement to inspire people to look for common ground? It brings to mind a sculpture garden in Chicago at Grant Park, the artist created two sets of people facing each other. Each pair consists of a light sculpture and a darker version they mirror each other, sharing an emotion. I believe the artist wants us to contemplate the possibility that we all have common ground. What’s on the outside is just that, our outside. Inside we are all the same.

And I said well that’s one thing we got.”

Find common ground and see where it takes you.

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