Thursday, June 11, 2015

Home Selling Tip - Don't forget to Invite in Buyers!

Buyers Welcome!

Buyer’s interest levels are often determined from the moment they pull up to a home. Does your home say welcome? While the obvious is to have the landscaping well maintained and the area neat and clean, take one step further.  To put into context when the Realtor is unlocking the door, your potential buyers are looking around and passing judgment. What does your front entry say about your house?

Don’t let staging end at the interior front door. Make sure you stage your front porch. Start with the light fixture is is clean? Is it dated – for big paybacks change it if the condition or style warrants it. Make sure you consider your homes style and what finish hardware is on your front door. The fastest way to look like you threw new things in is to have mismatched hardware. Add a new welcome mat, some flowers or tasteful seasonal decoration and don’t forget the door!

What does your door look like? Is it faded and weathered? Does the color complement the other exterior components of your house? If not time to put some thought into your door and make sure buyers are excited to go in and tour your home.

If you‘re thinking of changing the door, consider the style of your home and choose a door that makes sense. Putting a gingerbread door on contemporary home would look out of place. Wild bright colors are great if you want your personality to shine through, but you want the buyer to see themselves in the home so a more neutral color that works with your roof, siding, stone work or brick is in order. Also consider how much sun the door will get – don’t turn off buyers by having a dark color door that absorbs the morning sun making it hot to the touch – the first thought will be “how much will it cost to cool this place?”

Well balanced neutral colors, clean matting, well placed planter with real flowers and foliage can make for a very welcoming front entry. Mulch is a nice finishing touch for your newly trimmed bushes and edged beds. Keep in mind while the agent opens the door the buyers will look around for clues about your home. 

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