Friday, July 17, 2015

Shut Up! The Front Door Was What color?

Oh the psychology of color.

Without realizing it color often affects our moods or motivation. So can you affect potential buyers of your home – while the wrong color won’t make your home unsalable, a complementary color that helps reflect the style of your home and is well balanced with the exterior component will definitely help buyers get excited about seeing your home!

Picture a typical formal colonial, now picture that colonial with an over the top art deco style door painted neon orange. Ok so that’s bit crazy, but you get my point. Door styles need to fit in with the home to create a harmony. If you have a more rustic setting with a ranch a more rustic door is going to be better visually than a stately door with rod iron. A more contemporary style home needs a door that is not elaborate, clean lines and a currently popular color.

So what does color say? There are many articles about colors and their meanings and many different opinions of what a color says. However, most will agree yellow is a happy color, a red door is welcoming, looking for a cool sophisticated look? – black is your color, blue is calming and a brown door feels very grounded. Set the tone with your front door color and make sure the flowers and foliage you choose carry the same tone- the results will give the buyers a feeling of a well cared for home.

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