Wednesday, October 14, 2015


2015 Italian Festival

Since 1980 St John the Baptist Church in Columbus has been celebrating their Italian heritage with an annual festival. I had the pleasure of attending this year and was humbled by the dedication the parishioners have to making this a wonderful family event in Columbus. From the vendors, the food, games and the entertainment every thing reflected how excited this parish is to share their Italian heritage!

My family attended multiple days; each day offered a different experience. On Friday evening my daughter and I enjoyed dinner, cannoli’s and a brief Italian language lesson.  We also went to a demonstration by one of the parishioners on how to make pizza dough. I have for many years struggled with yeast based dough and I learned a few tips, pointers and techniques that will draw me back into the kitchen to try again.

The highlight of our Friday evening was watching the Tarantella – it brought back such wonderful memories of watching my own Great Grandmother, Grandmother and other family members dance that traditional, joyful Italian dance.  Friday was such a beautiful evening to enjoy the bands and talking with many of the volunteers as they mingled with the crowd.

Sunday’s weather was perfect for being outside. My family and I grabbed some homemade gnocchi, portabella mushroom ravioli and enjoyed the entertainment. After we took my granddaughter to the kid’s tent where she could color and make a macaroni necklace.  There were a handful of rides, just enough to keep the kids happy but not so many that it the rides overtook the celebration.  The crowd was lively and enjoying taking in all the culture and entertainment offered. This is defiantly a must do in Columbus.

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