Thursday, November 19, 2015

Turkeys Are Not Thankful For Thanksgiving

It seems like 2015 has just flown by - like others have expressed I cannot believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Thanksgiving use to be the kickoff of the holiday season; now it seems like a speed bump as we rush into a flurry of gift buying, parties and seasonal events. I truly miss the days when my large extended family would get together to break bread, catch up and give thanks.

This year we will have a few empty places at our table. As we all move around it becomes harder to gather everyone for this one special meal. My daughter will spend her Thanksgiving overseas with her Navy family. She will be with us in spirit as we will be with her in spirit. We will be grateful to her and all service members protecting this great nation.

I challenge you to not let this day pass without spending time with people you love, admire, rely on. Family is not always defined by shared DNA. Eat, talk, play a game - it doesn't matter what you do just enjoy each other. Please don't buy into the retail driven frenzy of gift giving. The greatest gift we can give is our time, time is something we will run out of - not gadgets, electronics, etc. Make a memory, take a few pictures and don't forget to have them printed and send them to each other, share the moments.

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