Monday, June 6, 2016

$$$$ It's A Seller's Market $$$$

This year has proven to be very challenging for buyers. Rates are still low, rents are high and going higher and for sale inventory is low. The average first time buyer price range is especially competitive. So what does this all mean for sellers?

Sellers this year can typically expect multiple offers and expect about a 6% price increase over last year - this is an average some areas are more, some are less. Does this mean as a seller all you have to do is plant a sign in the yard and buyers will throw money at you? Well if that were the case there would be many more homes on the market. Despite the low inventory, sellers still need to properly prepare their home. Most buyers are still looking for a home that they can move into with minimal work.

Preparing a home to go on the market is labor intensive, however the return on the time invested is amazing. Clean, DeClutter, Paint and Stage - these rules still apply today. Create a plan, call a Realtor and have them assess your home. If your short on time, hire a yard company, cleaning company and don't forget to get your windows cleaned. Do you have lots of stuff? Box is up and rent a storage unit short term - the garage is not a good place to put the overflow. Spruce up the front path and make sure your door is well maintained - the curb look is your first impression - the front door the second.

If you are looking for expert, honest advice on your Central Ohio home, call me for a no obligation market analysis, 330-304-9015.

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