Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Getting Ready To Sell - How Much Should You Spend?

It seems like there are two kinds of sellers – the ones that are willing to see the flaws of their home and spend money to get I ready for a sale and the ones that fell their home is perfect as is. Finding middle ground with either one of these sellers can be a challenge for Realtors.

So how much is enough and how much is too much? The age old advise of pre packing, cleaning ceiling to floor (don’t forget the windows!)  and arranging your home to maximizes the great features of your house ALWAYS apply. We all have those little things we live with – the dripping faucet, stuck window, possible an outlet that doesn’t work those are obvious things we should address. I recommend my seller’s have the furnace/air conditioner cleaned and serviced. Freshen up exterior doors, the landscaping and any other areas that could use some attention. 

Should you remodel the kitchen? The bath? Replace carpeting? It all depends, on your personal situation. In most cases by doing these things you will receive a higher dollar for your home, now here comes the “but”. Know your market and the demographic looking in your market. You might not get back 100% of your costs for these items. If the countertops in your kitchen are worn and showing their age, new counters are probably a good idea, just make sure they don’t make your cabinets look more dated. Pick and choose your projects carefully – you might be better off pricing your home to reflect the current condition. Certain items are always going to go a long way – new carpets, fresh paint and new storm door.

Your Realtor should be able to guide you on projects – don’t be afraid to check out a few homes in the price range you are hoping to fall into – see what the competition looks like! When selling your home you need to think like a buyer – I know that is easier said then done at times your home contains your memories.  So when it’s time to say goodbye it can be difficult to look at it objectionably. Ask your Realtor to be honest with you.

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