Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Why Didn't My Home Sell? Isn't It A Seller"s Market?

Even with limited inventory there still are some homes that the listing expires and the home is unsold.  Although there are many reasons a home may not sell, there are  3 main reasons, Price, Condition, Accessibility for showings.

Properly pricing your home is really a matter of looking at solid numbers and if necessary go look at a few homes in your area that are at the price point you feel your home falls into. Look at features and condition. Keep in mind your home will sell at market price - trying to get above will only cause issues later when it comes time to appraise the home. Make sure when you talk with an agent they are giving you apples to apples. You deserve an honest market analysis.

Take a good look around your home, if you were walking in for the first time what would you see? Does the home appear clean and well maintained? Is there a lot of stuff around that takes your attention away from the great features of the home and the nice sizes of the rooms? Cleaning and pre-packing your home is essential to properly presenting your home to potential buyers. If your home is not clean, accessories streamlined and maintained buyers are either going to walk away or hit you hard on the price because the home will appear to need work. So clean, touch up, pre-pack and keep in mind you are selling your home and need to present it that way. It's like going into a retail store that is visually appealing, clean and well organized you expect to pay more than at a chaotic flea market.

As agents we know you still in your home and we certainly know how disruptive it is to have to leave your home for showings. So generally speaking, requesting 24 hours notice is not unreasonable. What doesn't work is putting a lot of restrictions on when the home can be shown, when you do that buyers feel like you are not motivated. Hanging around when buyers are walking through is also a no no - they are there to see your home don't make them feel like they are visiting you. Make sure your pets don't greet the agent at the door either, have a neighbor or dog walker remove them prior to the showing, arrange for doggy day care or if crate trained use the crate (remember to add that information to showing instructions).

Although other factors do come into play on unsold homes - the photos, marketing or an agent that doesn't return calls or emails; these are the main reasons a home doesn't sell. If you would like your expired listing analyzed I am happy to take a look at the WHOLE picture and help you go from on the market to sold!

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