Saturday, August 13, 2016

A Little Something For Everyone!

Worthington Farmers Market is one the most anticipated markets in the area.  I can’t tell if it’s the charm of High Street in Worthington or the festival like atmosphere or the great selection of stands! Despite the heat and humidity, it was a picture perfect day to visit the vendors and get some deals!

This market offers a nice mix of Mom and Pop operations, medium size operations and seasonal operators. There are a good amount of stands selling bouquets of flowers, the bright colors and creative displays take me back a bit to the market in Florence Italy! I am especially fond of all the big and beautiful Sunflowers this time of year – what a happy flower!

I was able to pick up some really fresh vegetables, including an interesting squash. What I really appreciate is most of the vendors will give you ideas and tips on prep so if you are familiar with certain items ask!  The bread and pastry vendors were out in full force and to nicely compliment them there is coffee and juice vendors. This market also has a few meat vendors and fish vendors. You really could do a weeks worth of perishable shopping there and judging by the number of carts, many people do! They even have gourmet treats for pets!

Some of my favorite vendors are Kingdom Fish for some of the freshest Tilapia around – great recipes too! It’s hard to narrow down a vegetable vendor for me it depends on what I am looking to purchase. I am really smitten with The Lucky Cat Bakery – my downfall is fresh, pure ingredient bread! Not to miss is Ohio City Pasta – they are a longtime favorite of mine back from my Westside Market shopping days when I lived in Northeast Ohio – it’s a taste of home. The difference in fresh, small batch pasta verses mass produced stuff will bring you back to eating pasta! There are so many things to experience there you really have to make a trip. A lot of people take advantage of the restaurants that line the street of the market. They grab a table on the patio, enjoy breakfast or early lunch then enjoy some street level shopping. We all have to shop for food so why not make it enjoyable!

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