Tuesday, September 6, 2016

It Ain't Over Until The Snow Flies!!

Wow! Labor Day Weekend has come and gone! The weather was glorious and the events many! I will share it pains me a bit to hear that Labor Day is the unofficial close of Summer. With so many sunny days still ahead and so many things to do I don't close the door to Summer until the snow flies.

As move into cooler sometimes fickle weather there are so many festivals( a don't' miss the Columbus Italian Festival)  to attend, art shows, Charity Running/Biking events, the list goes on and on! Many of these events are free or almost free - love the idea of a charity run but not much of a runner? Many have a mile or so walk you can participate in or just come out and line the road cheering on the runners! Keep checking out the Farmer's Markets - many of vendors will share their favorite recipes. The public park system is a jewel to enjoy the waning days, especially when the leaves turn and the trees are dressed in their fall colors!

Considering a few winter projects? Builders and remodeling companies  often have tours showcasing their accomplishments. Or check out home tours in Columbus neighborhoods, such as the Short North Home Tour. These tours cost minimally and they are a great way to get new ideas or see what is available out there to buy!

With school back in and the days growing shorter Summer may be giving way to Fall but don't head indoors yet!

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