Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Columbus is Changing the World!

Columbus is more than a great place to find foodie restaurants, museums, shows, shopping and The Buckeyes sports; Columbus is a community dedicated to changing the our little part of the world.

Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege to help out with multiple events, working side by side with a group of dedicated volunteers that show up year after year. They believe in what they are doing and they work hard to pull it off.

Yesterday, October 18th, I participated in StandDown Central Ohio 2016. This event is held yearly to give a hand up to our Vet that struggle financially. It’s one day when these Vets know their service has not been forgotten. As they filed in they made their way to legal services, medical, veteran resources, cloths and cold weather gear, food, possibly a hair cut, a hot meal and their favorite – a new pair of boots courtesy of Rocky Boots.

These men and woman come with all sorts of baggage and health issues, they are appreciative of the what is being offered. Most take just what they need. They enjoy the hot meal and Dairy Queen blizzard with a side of  someone to talk to who is asking to hear their story.

Many of the volunteers come year after year and they recognize the Vets ask how their year has been and if they are ok. One volunteer I spoke with had been volunteering for 20 years at this event.

I moved here almost 2 years ago and as I explore things to do in Columbus I am happy to include volunteer opportunities!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Rocky Boots for the 100's of pairs of military grade boots once again given to our deserving Vets! And we can't forget the Ohio National Guard Troops that staffed the boot  department - I  so touched by how much patience and care they showed while fitting the Vets - I even overheard one say to a Vet that apologized for needing to try multiple sizes  - take your time today is your day and we want to get it right!

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